Welcome to Wesley's Bin


WHAT WE DO: We build forward.... more than Lego sets

We build skills

Lego sets develop multiple skills that last a life time: attention to details, fine motor skills, problem solving, persistence, flexibility, creativity, patience, overcoming failures, and the list goes on……

We build responsibilities

One of our core value is to create an environment that fosters accountabilities. You own the Lego set while it is in your possession. When you do what you promised to do, you are rewarded with bigger (think larger sets) responsibilities.

We build good deeds

Let’s face it, Lego is not cheap (well except here where they are free! LoL). Our community builds good deeds to others who might not be able to afford it otherwise.

We build sustanabilities

We believe the value of all the Lego bricks, big or small, are best realized when they are being built, over and over! Let’s get those awesome sets off of your display shelfs and into people’s hands!

We build communities

We are here because of YOU. We connect Lego sets to people of all ages who enjoy building, sharing, and giving.

We build givers

A high(er) calling but we believe we can with your help!

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